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Testimonials of Actual Members Using Our Telemedicine Services

“I am a 34 years old uninsured intra-state truck driver. I live in Florida but I am always on the road. My main concern has always been to become ill on the road far away from home. I learned about the Call MD Plus plans from a family member and immediately purchased their VIP package in May 2012. I wanted to make sure I could use all the services provided and not have to be concerned about a $35.00 co-pay while on the road.  Best decision ever! Fast forward a couple of months and last week when I was on the road in Texas,  I become ill with a dermatology problem I had experienced before, which in the past required a prescription cream. I remembered my Call MD Plus plan, so I called and spoke to a Registered Nurse. They had a doctor call me within a couple of hours. After consulting with the doctor and telling him my problem, a prescription was called in to Walgreens Pharmacy in Cleveland, TX and much to my surprise, using my RX card I pay only $37.50 which was 20.00 less than I had previously paid. Voila I was on my way to my next delivery, which for me as a truck driver means $.  I will make sure all my buddy’s on the road know about this plan. This protection and simple system of healthcare was long overdue. I have a family back home, so knowing we are all covered with this terrific plan wherever we are brings me lots of peace of mind while I am on the road. So when I called the family member that told me about this plan, they ask me to send a testimonial so perhaps in the future it could help someone else see the value of the plan! Gladly I said! Thank you Call MD Plus!”  Mike, Call MD Plus Member

"My 15 year old daughter had a scratchy throat Thursday evening when she came home from school. My husband and I thought she had been too vocal at volleyball practice. She woke up exhausted Friday morning and was a bit lethargic. That afternoon, we traveled to her high school VB tournament in Orlando. She played Friday night but woke up Saturday with a low-grade fever, sinus congestion and a sore throat. We suspected she had a sinus infection, since she had these symptoms before, and called Call MD Plus. We talked to a registered nurse and told her of her symptoms. About 45 minutes later, the RN called back with a doctor on the line. The doctor confirmed that it was a sinus infection and prescribed a “Z” pack antibiotic. The prescription was called into a CVS pharmacy, about 2 miles away from the sports complex. I picked it up and was charged only $21 instead of $45 that I was charged before I was a Call MD Plus member. The entire process took about 1 hour and 40 minutes. We were thankful to have the service, especially while traveling. While our daughter didn’t feel like playing anymore during the tournament, she was able to get back home, take her medication, and felt well enough to attend school Monday morning. Great service, we will never be without it!" Terri, Call MD Plus Member

"As a support engineer, I travel all across the country and I’m exposed to different kinds of germs. My job is extremely demanding and I don’t have time to be sick or schedule doctor appointments, especially in unfamiliar towns.  Finding a doctor who can see me in short notice is nearly impossible. This leaves someone like me with no choice but to go to an emergency room, which can be costly and time consuming. Now that I have Call MD Plus, I have a more convenient and affordable option! We had an extremely tight schedule to repair our equipment, and of course, I started to feel sick. I needed fast relief. I called Call MD Plus and explained to the nurse that I had a fever of 100.9 and was feeling soreness in my throat. The nurse was very pleasant and advised me to take some Ibuprofen to reduce the fever. She then passed along my medical file to the doctor. Within an hour, Dr. Gamble called me back. He asked me more questions about my symptoms and determined that I had a bacterial infection and needed an antibiotic. The doctor called in my prescription to the pharmacy next door to my hotel! After taking some Ibuprofen, I began to feel better. I went to the pharmacy and picked up my prescription. The whole process took about 2 ½ hours, and I didn’t have to sit in a doctor’s office or ER!  I was back to work within a few hours. The whole process worked flawlessly.  To make it even more amazing was that it happened at 4:30 in the morning! What doctor’s office is open then? Thanks Call MD Plus, I’ll never be without my doctor again."  Russ, Call MD Plus Ultimate Member

"I used Call MD Plus when I got a bad urinary tract infection. I called in and spoke with a registered nurse, and she had a doctor call me back in less than an hour! The doctor called in my prescription right away.  I needed two prescriptions and only paid $6 each when both would have cost me over 60 dollars! I talked to a doctor and got my medicine within a two hour time span, when I could still be sitting in an ER waiting to be seen by a doctor."  Nicole, Call MD Plus Ultimate Member

"I work full time and still cannot afford health insurance. I was looking at spending over $130 a month just for basic health coverage. I was aggravated at trying to figure out how I was supposed to budget a health care plan that still made me pay out a significant amount of money! Then, I was introduced to Call MD Plus! I was impressed that I could have access great medical services for a VERY affordable price compared to the plan I was about to take through an insurance agency (Aflac).  I have used the Call MD Plus service once and it was an awesome experience. I was coming down with a cold while at work, and because I work 12 hour days, I could not afford to leave work and go to the doctor’s office. I simply picked up my cell and talked to a nurse, who was very professional and polite. She had a doctor call me back within the hour! He called in a z-pack to a pharmacy that was on my way home. When I picked it up, I presented my Call MD Plus membership card and received a HUGE discount on the prescribed z-pack. Not only did I save 4-5 hours of driving/waiting in the walk-in clinic (with no insurance), but I also saved money on my prescription and did not have to pay over $100 for a walk in visit! I will never be without Call MD Plus again. They saved me time and money!"   Shawn, Call MD Plus Member

"I am a full time student at a private college finishing my Bachelor Degree. Since I am in between jobs I did not have insurance. My mom got me a Call MD Plus plan to make sure I would have at least some protection. She had me send Call MD Plus all my medical information so they could have my records on file in case it was needed. I have a problem whereby a re-current infection puts my life at risk unless I take an antibiotic, when needed. Normally I have a prescription on file in the pharmacy with refills available. Not long ago I got ill and when I called the pharmacy; they told me I had no more re-fills. My mistake for not keeping track! My doctor was off and his partner on call insisted on seeing me next day in order to write a prescription or told me to go to the nearest hospital. I was in finals and could not afford to take off time that evening to go to an urgent care or next day to go to an appointment. Plus, the clock was ticking on my infection. So I call the number in my Call MD Plus card and spoke to a doctor right away. Problem solved! I started my meds that same night and got back to studying for my finals. We don’t always like to admit our parents are right, but all I have to say is, thank you mom!" Jon, Call MD Plus Member

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